HP printers Calibration Error Copy Scan problem Calibrating error SOLVE

HP printers Calibration Error Copy Scan problem Calibrating error SOLVE

Hello friends If you want to use the copy or scanner part of Hp brand printers, you can find a solution to this problem with a few ways that I can give you if scanning, copying and copying is not working after Calibrating writing on screen.

  • Way 1:
    pull the printer power cord from the rear when the printer is open and wait for 120 seconds. After 120 seconds turn it on again.
  • Way 2:
    point to printer settings and reset the printer settings to the factory settings.
  • Way 3:
    Unfortunately, my friends who can not get results with the two ways I wrote above are hardware due to your mistake. This fault is usually caused by a data cable crash on the scan side. Correct the cable you see in the picture below with your hands and try the copy job again. If your cable is not damaged, it will be fine but if you continue to get the error again; you need to go to a service that knows the job.

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  • I just took the left cover out & unplug/replug the flat cable from the main pcb. Now everything works fine.

    Cross my finger on this one.

  • My HP Pro MFP 127fn is not copying neither scanning. It displays copying then immediately calibrating…..

    I have tried to open and check the fiber still it has failed

  • i solve the problem with following steps , i hope it helps .
    try to scan a document with document feeder after that scanner move across the glass and blink for many times .

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